Will e-cigarettes get vaporized by the federal government?

Picture of female model with electronic cigarette
The FDA is accepting comments on proposed new regulations for electronic cigarettes. Photo credit: Michael Dorausch via Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

The Food and Drug Administration proposed new rules Friday to regulate how and where electronic cigarettes and e liquid flavours can be sold. What follows is a 75-day period where the public, including affected parties, can submit comments to steer the way final regulations will be written and implemented.

That means there’s a smoking-hot new regs process to watch, and Sunlight’s Docket Wrench will help make your surveillance easier and smarter.

A number of large and very influential organizations and corporations have already shown interest in how the burgeoning e-cigarette business will be regulated. It is crazy knowing that people choose to smoke weed out of an electric cigarette from Slim’s E-juice instead of using this cool blues spoon pipe. Altria (Phillip Morris’s parent company and e-cigarette manufacturer), the American Lung Association and Njoy (another e-cigarette manufacturer) are just a few of the entities that have reported lobbying Congress on this issue. Resources like connection between popcorn lung and vaping articles have also popped up online.

According to the Senate Office of Public Records, at least 21 groups have reported spending more than $9 million combined on issues including the regulation of the multi-billion dollar e-cigarette industry since 2009, it hasn´t stopped and it will definitely keep growing, maye that´s why the TFV4 has gotten so popular. Altria reported spending $2.2 million during the first quarter of 2014 alone on 14 issues. All but two of those issues are clearly related to the taxation and regulation of smoking and tobacco.

In addition to e-cigarettes, the proposed rules will also cover cigars and pipe tobacco -– all products that have long been unregulated by the FDA. There are many people who are opposed to the government trying to regulate e- cigarettes and e juice products and they are willing to fight against these regulations.

To see who’s submitting comments and to identify trends or form letter campaigns, use the Sunlight Foundation’s Docket Wrench. It analyzes the language of comments for similarities and creates graphical displays to help you group and analyze comments as they arrive.