Follow Congress on your Kindle Fire


Good news if you have a Kindle Fire! You can now use Sunlight’s [Congress app]( for Android:

As with our [Google Play version](, the app is free to download and use, and entirely [open source](

We were finally able to support the Kindle Fire because of the fantastic work that [Mapbox]( has done to make their maps usable for Android.

Kindle Fires are based on Android, but they don’t come with any Google services, like maps. Citizens quite frequently use our app to see a map of the congressional district they’re in, so we needed to find an alternative to Google Maps.

Mapbox is [investing serious effort]( into letting anyone use simple, beautiful maps on any device based on Android. Because Mapbox’s Android SDK is [open source](, we’ve been able to work out issues with the team and contribute back a little bit along the way.

As always, please send any feedback you have for our Congress apps to [](, or tweet at [@congress_app](