Today in #OpenGov 5/19/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including avoiding email, legislative openness, and collaborative lawmaking right here in DC. series-opengov-today

National News

  • Most members of the Senate are now filing their personal financial disclosures online. They still tend to avoid taking advantage of the same modern convenience when campaign finance filing season rolls around. (Roll Call)
  • Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was famous for saying that she didn’t use email. It wasn’t because she was a technophobe so much as an effort to avoid leaving too robust a paper trail. It turns out she often had aids send emails on her behalf and in her name. (Tech Dirt)
  • Lobbyists don’t have the best reputation outside of their traditional Washington, DC haunts, but sometimes they venture outside of the beltway and successfully seek political office. (Washington Post)
  • The private sector stands to gain from legislation, like the DATA act, that focuses on improving management in the federal government. (Government Executive)

International News

  • Two weeks ago regional meetings of the Open Government Partnership were held in Bali and Ireland. Legislative Openness was a main focus at the conferences. (Opening Parliament)

State and Local News

  • A group of news organizations is suing Missouri for access to information about the lethal drugs the state uses to execute prisoners. (New York Times)
  • A member of the Washington, DC City Council is launching an effort to collaboratively draft laws online using the Madison Project platform. David Grosso (I-at large) launched Madison DC with three proposed bills.   (E Pluribus Unum)

Events This Week

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