Better know a TCamper: OpenGov Voices edition


We are a few days from TransparencyCamp and everyone here at Sunlight is super excited! Excited because this time around amazing people like you have not only signed up to come to TransparencyCamp, but have also offered their time and support to help out at this annual unconference. TransparencyCamp draws in more that 500 people each year to talk about the intersection of technology and government and how the two can work together to bring forward transparency.

An image of Cristina Garmendia from OpportunitySpace
Cristina Garmendia co founder of OpportunitySpace — a Sunlight OpenGov Grantee.

It is with this same volunteer spirit, that I introduce to you, Cristina Garmendia — TCamp 2014 volunteer extraordinaire! You may have come by Cristina’s earlier post in our OpenGov Voices series — where we showcase projects done by others within the opengov and open data realm, as a way of amplifying their efforts and encouraging others to share their work with our community.

Cristina is the co-founder of OpportunitySpace, a start-up based at the Harvard Innovation Lab. OpportunitySpace is a web-based platform that enables governments to utilize their land and building assets to execute core operations and achieve social and economic policy objectives more effectively. OpportunitySpace is also a Sunlight Foundation OpenGov Grantee. Through the help of the OpenGov Grant, OpportunitySpace is partnering with a coalition of cities in Rhode Island to implement their platform and spur development in regions that need it most. By so doing, they are providing a powerful tool that can unlock the billions of dollars of unrealized value and opportunities missed to use public land for public good.

Cristina and her team are aggregating and publishing actionable information about public property inventories, sale mechanisms, development plans and incentives as a way of solving the challenge of buying property from the government.

This is good because now, they are making the process of buying government property less opaque by providing the public with a user-friendly database of government properties that adheres to industry norms and is open to all. Who wouldn’t be inspired by a team like this?

So come to TCamp and meet Cristina and others like her.

See you at TCamp!