Today in #OpenGov 6/2/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including a FOIA flood, assessing the OGP, and open data efforts in Connecticut.  series-opengov-today

National News

  • Following last years Snowden leaks, the NSA was flooded with FOIA requests. New documents, obtained through a FOIA request filed last November, show that the agency struggled for weeks trying to decide how to deal with more that 1,000 requests that came in the month following the revelations last June. (The Guardian)
  • The two most powerful men in the Senate are testifying in front of their own body’s Judiciary Committee this week. The Majority and Minority leader are slated to speak at a hearing on a constitutional amendment that would roll back recent Supreme Court campaign finance rulings. (Roll Call)

International News

  • A coalition of civil society groups called on all 751 new members of the European Parliament to tackle the issue of corporate lobbying in the upcoming term. 165 candidates who were eventually elected signed onto a pre-election pledge to address the issue. (Access Info)
  • The Open Government Partnership is nearly 3 years old, but there is no consensus about how successful that term has been. (Tech President)

State and Local News

  • Opinion: Connecticut is taking important steps forward with a new open data portal and government spending website. (Government Technology)
  • New Orleans is seeking a new CIO. The outgoing CIO, Allen Square, is credited with turning around a department that had been beset by scandal and bribery. (Govfresh)

Events This Week

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