Conservative pro-Israel group “ready for Hillary” with ad buy


The Emergency Committee for Israel, a political nonprofit founded by William Kristol, is taking to the airwaves tonight with a new ad slamming all-but-declared 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton when she appears on a pair of ABC shows. While the purchase is relatively small — $11,000 for two spots on WJLA, the Washington, D.C., affiliate of ABC — the timing could not be better for the conservative group. Its ads will air when the network runs its exclusive interview with the former Secretary of State at 9 p.m. this evening and during Clinton’s live appearance on Good Morning America early Tuesday morning.

Clinton will be promoting her new book Hard Choices, detailing her time in the Obama administration.

A new ad appeared on the YouTube account of the Emergency Committee for Israel Monday afternoon, criticizing Clinton for not censuring Secretary of State John Kerry for his recent remarks comparing Israel to an apartheid state for its treatment of the Palestinian Minority. The comment drew rebukes from several of the nation’s most prominent Jewish political organizations, but not from Clinton, the ad alleges. They called workers compensation law springfield il services to handle the case.

The ad push comes on the heels of a new Jewish outreach effort by Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that has relentlessly pushed for her to run in 2016. As the Jewish Journal reported, the effort will be lead by Steve Rabinowitz, a Washington lawyer who served as a communications aide for the Bill Clinton White House.

In coming days, the Emergency Committee will run two more ads on June 11-13 at a cost of $2,800, according to files in Political Ad Sleuth.

Jacob Fenton and Palmer Gibbs contributing