Today in #OpenGov 6/13/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events and analysis including open standards, reneging on open government, and big political money at the state level.  series-opengov-today

National News

  • The GAO and OPM track Senate confirmable positions with an eye towards vacancies. Unfortunately, that close eye does not extend to slightly lower level political appointees. A new Brookings Institution study says that this hinders efficiency and lays the blame at the feet of Congress. (Government Executive)
  • Four American research universities are teaming up to push open digital standards forward, allowing them to more easily transfer content and analytics between systems. (Government Technology)

International News

  • In 2013, Australia announced that it would be joining the Open Government Partnership. Now, it’s new government is reconsidering the move. (Future Gov)
  • New legislation would make Canada’s parliament more open, requiring it to release a wide range of information in more useful formats. (Northumberland View)
  • As open data grows, so do efforts to analyze its effects and impacts. Last month, a group of experts came together to discuss common development of common methods and frameworks for the study of open data. (GovLab)

State and Local News

  • Potential changes to New York City’s Freedom of Information law continue to cause a stir in the Big Apple. (Capital New York)
  • Big, dark political spending isn’t limited to Federal elections. Outside money is flooding governors races around the country at a record setting pace. (Public Integrity)


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