Money, Politics and Transparency project announces expert reference group


Money, Politics and Transparency is pleased to formally announce its “Reference Group”—a team of global experts with deep understanding and experience in topics related to political finance including elections, transparency, corruption, ethics and political parties. You can read about them here.

The Reference Group has already been instrumental in helping to frame the integrity indicators—questions we will ask to get a deep understanding of the money in politics laws and practice in roughly 50 countries.

This group of esteemed advocates and academics will continue to inform and enlighten us as we address, and hopefully find ways to improve political finance transparency around the globe.

The Sunlight Foundation has partnered with Global Integrity and the Electoral Integrity Project to create Money, Politics and Transparency — a project aimed at improving political finance transparency globally. The project, with generous funding from the Hewlett Foundation and Open Society Foundations, hopes to become the go-to resource for reformers, researchers, journalists, elected officials and others interested following global developments in money and politics.

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