Today in #OpenGov 6/30/2014


Keep reading for an today’s look at #OpenGov news, events, and analysis including the NSA’s “transparency report,” local parliamentary monitoring in the Czech Republic, and plenty of state and local news. series-opengov-today

National News

  • The Office of the Director of National Security (ODNI) released its first “transparency” report. The NSA collected data on close to 90,000 “targets” by their own accounting last year. (FedScoop)
  • Reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank appeared as a newsworthy political issue last week, but it has been bouncing around on K street for years. (The Washington Post)

International News

  • Measuring parliamentary openness in lower levels of government has been a tough job, until now., a Czech and Slovakian PMO applied a new methodology to 14 regional assemblies in the Czech Republic. (Opening Parliament)
  • A group of experts got together last week to discuss the importance of open data to education. (Open Knowledge)

State and Local News

  • South Dakota is moving to make dashboard information on state finances and economic information generated by the Bureau of Finance and Management available to the public. (StateScoop)
  • Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) vetoed legislation that would have made it more difficult to obtain large amounts of electronic information via the FOIA. (Washington Times)
  • Jascha Franklin-Hodge, a co-founder of Blue State Digital, was named the new Chief Innovation Officer of Boston. (Tech President)
  • California is joining the ranks of states to consider whether electronic communications by public officials on their personal accounts are public records. Alaska already decided that communication related to government business are subject to freedom of information rules. (Ars Technica)

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