The Week on Politwoops: ‘infected poors,’ Sharknado 2 and a punk playlist

A photo called 'Mariachi Kathy' posted to the Facebook account of New York congressional candidate Kathy Weppner after she deleted a tweet calling Guatemalan immigrants 'infected poors'.
‘Mariachi Kathy’ via her Facebook page.

We start off this week’s review of notable deletions archived by Politwoops with a peculiar series of messaging choices by the campaign of Kathy Weppner, a Republican candidate in New York’s 26th district. The first is a tweet that was deleted after a day and archived on Politwoops that said, “Guatemala to US: Give us $2 Billion or we’ll keep sending our infected poors to your country #BorderCrisis #NY26.” The tweet linked to a Daily Signal article about the Guatemalan president requesting for $2 billion in federal aid and investment to deal with the recent influx of immigrants to the U.S. border.

Following her deletion, she took to Facebook to issue a 341 word apology, blaming the error on a campaign staffer and explaining how the tweet occurred:

Tuesday, right before the press conference, she was tweeting about the border crisis and accidentally cut and pasted a tweet that appeared to be from Heritage Foundation. It wasn’t. Instead, what was tweeted was an awful comment about the people coming across the border calling them the “infected poor.” When comments began appearing on Facebook I was puzzled due to the viciousness of the language. I now understand. Please accept my apology.

The tweet posted from Kathy Weppner’s campaign account resembles this one from @cmahar3 only the hashtag at the end was changed from #NoAmnesty to #NY26. The @cmahar3 account and tweet bear little resemblance to the tweet from the Heritage Foundation linking to the same article that says, “Guatemalan President wants $2B in US federal aid to help end the flood of immigrants across the southern border.” According to the Facebook post, Laura Yingling, the staffer that who is blamed for this error, submitted her letter of resignation but it is unclear if that was accepted. After explaining the details of the deletion (something I wish more politicians would do!), Weppner inexplicably launches into a discussion of Mexico:

Mexico is a beautiful country. My husband was an exchange student for five years spending all of his summers there with a family in Mexico City. He is bilingual and attended medical school in Guadalajara for four years serving in the clinics in remote towns all over Mexico taking care of the poor. We have friends there.

Her campaign did not respond to requests for comment about the Mexico aside or the status of the staffer blamed for the tweet. Update below. Following the Facebook apology, Weppner then uploaded a series of scanned photos of her family and her in Mexico including the one in the upper right, entitled ‘Mariachi Kathy.’ We’ll update this post if we hear back from her campaign.

A series of tweets about a recent deletion caught by Politwoops from Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash.
Image via Twitter.

Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., did his part making Politwoops an unsafe website for children when he deleted a retweet after 10 hours that said, “FUCK YEAH TABLETOP SAW HARD YES! #SHARKNADO2.” A local Washington newspaper noticed this surprising language about the popular weather-induced airborne predator action film and asked, “Did the congressman who has an office in #Everett just re-tweet a vulgarity?” This prompted the deletion with a response from Rep. Larsen saying, “Apologies for the inadvertent vulgar retweet. Clearly a mistake.

Another recent and clear mistake came from the personal account of Governor Rick Perry, R-Texas, who deleted a tweet saying, “#NowPlaying “Let’s Race: Songs for Sled Heads” via @songza.” The deletion after 6 minutes linked to a curated playlist that is described as, “High-energy punk, metal, and hard rock with attitude for suiting up and blazing trails.” Unsurprisingly, Gov. Perry ignored my request for comment.

As always, have a great weekend and please let me know if we’re missing any politicians!