$10 million in political ads might be heading to a TV near you


If you’re already tired of gloom and doom campaign attack ads, brace yourself.

Over a period of three days, Democratic and Republican party committees combined to spend over $10 million on media aimed at competitive House races. It’s another signal that election day is a mere 40 days away. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the bulk of that sum at $6.5 million, pouring ad money into races featuring “frontline” members — those vulnerable in a general election as well as a few where they might pick up a seat or two.

The biggest Democratic checks paid for attack ads against Republicans in toss up races like Colorado (incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman) and New Hampshire (state Rep. Marilinda Garcia), where the committee is trying to paint those candidates as too extreme in the relatively moderate districts.

The Democrats spent around $800,000 a piece on those buys. This ad, targeting Coffman, went live Tuesday.

Mike Coffman likes to say “I know who I represent.” But when Coffman supported a plan to deny women access to common forms of birth control… Tried to outlaw a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape … Voted to cut funding for cancer screenings — and essentially end Medicare … Was Coffman representing you? Or taking us backwards, and turning his back on the middle-class?

The DCCC’s counterpart, the National Republican Congressional Committee, dropped $3.5 million to run ads lumping incumbent Dems in with an unpopular president Obama and the Affordable Care Act, including this ad against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, who’s facing state Rep. Andy Tobin:

ANNCR: Seen this on TV? Ann Kirkpatrick loves her boots. But in Washington, Kirkpatrick and President Obama step on taxpayers. Listen to her. KIRKPATRICK: “I’m not going to second guess the President.”

ANNCR: She and Obama stepped on taxpayers. Higher energy bills, higher healthcare premiums, and skyrocketing debt. Kirkpatrick’s votes make your live more expensive.

KIRKPATRICK: “I’m not going to second guess the President.

ANNCR: Ann Kirkpatrick gives Arizona taxpayers the boot.

As we’ve witnessed throughout the election cycle, negative ads are the weapon of choice for non-candidate committees attempting to sway voters. The latest ad blitzes are no different.

To date, out of $300 million in independent expenditures reported to the Federal Election Commission, 70 percent, or $210 million, has gone to attacking candidates.