You’re invited! Join us for #Sunfright, our annual Open House

This image includes cute robots dressing up like scary things.
You’re invited! Join Sunlight October 30th at #Sunfright, our annual Open House. RSVP using the details below.

It’s one of our favorite traditions: Each year around late-October, after the leaves have turned and DC’s scorching summer heat has faded, we open up our doors and welcome the community to join us for a good old-fashioned shindig here at Sunlight HQ. Oh, and we also tend to do this right around Halloween, which gives us a great excuse to decorate the hell out of the place (so to speak).

Yes, Sunlight’s Open House is back! And you’d better believe we’re pulling out all the stops this year to serve the people we love most in the world — you!

Those of you who joined us in years prior know Sunlight Labs loves to conjure up the Halloween spirit with tech madness. (And yes, you can expect another cameo from Bumble.) We’ve set the date this year for October 30th. You can RSVP to the nvite here or using the link below.

As always, drinks and food are on us. Sunlight’s new president, Chris Gates, will also be on hand to shake hands and greet guests. He’s very much looking forward to getting to know the community — and we can’t think of a better way to welcome him to Sunlight. (We also hear a rumor that Chris loves costumes, so don’t forget to wear yours!)

Because we love seeing your tweets and Instagrams, we’re also introducing a hashtag this year: #Sunfright. So make sure to RSVP here or below, then tweet it to the world!

P.S.: Of course, the party is free to attend, but you can also purchase a ticket for $5 or $10 dollars to help us with purchases. Or, click here to donate directly. And, thanks!

RSVP here!