Today in #OpenGov 10/9/2014


Keep reading for today’s look at #OpenGov news, events, and analysis including records management, apps against corruption, labor spending in state races, and more.

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National News

  • Scott Amey of POGO went on Federal News Radio to talk about the problems with the way we provide unique IDs to federal contractors. (POGO)
  • OMB and NARA issued new guidance to help agencies get their electronic records management practices up to speed between 2016 and 2019. (Fierce Government)
  • Paul Ryan is the focus of an ethics complaint after Amazon appeared to give special treatment to his new book. Ryan criticized Amazon’s treatment of Hachette, the major publisher that also put out his book, but shortly afterwards Amazon made Ryan’s book easier to find and cheaper to buy. (The Hill)
  • Opinion: Senator Chuck Grassley argues that Congress will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to strengthen the rights of whistleblowers. (Roll Call)


  • Groups all over Latin America are launching apps to help expose and fight corruption in the region. (Newsweek)

State and Local News

  • Opinion: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is hiding several years worth of data on property tax rebates that could be politically embarrassing to him. (
  • Most news about election spending focuses on super PACs and other new sources of big money, but older sources are still around. This year, labor unions are preparing to spend around $300 million and will be focusing more resources than usual on state legislative races. (Washington Post)
  • Fairfax County, Virginia is opening up police data in real time. (Government Technology)

Events Today

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