The Week on Politwoops: a proverb, DJ Dingell feat. YG, $ and more

A deleted photo from a tweet by the gubernatorial campaign of Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas.
Deleted photo via Politwoops.

This week Politwoops archived deletions from politicians including a Sunday proverb, lyrics to a popular song from an unlikely source and dollar signs continue to rule everything around politics.

We start with a deletion from the campaign account of Asa Hutchinson, who is running for governor in Arkansas, that said “Enjoy this beautiful Sunday in Arkansas!” with the image seen to the right. After three hours this message was revoked from his public feed and the campaign ignored questions about why it was deleted. As with all deletions, this post will be updated if we hear back.

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., the longest-serving member of Congress and an oft-celebrated member of Twitter, has earned thousands of followers with his musings on Sharknado and about “who/what a Kardashian is.” His account shared a tweet with the lyrics to “Don’t Tell ‘Em” by Jeremih featuring YG in all capital letters and then deleted it after just 25 seconds. His frequent skewering of popular culture made this deletion a very popular item this week, including mentions by Roll Call and Twitchy, but it looks like it was simply his communications director who was logged into the wrong account.

Following the endorsement of President Obama, the campaign account of D.C. mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser retweeted and then deleted this after just one minute:

A deleted retweet from the campaign account of Muriel Bowser that was archived by the Sunlight Foundation's Politwoops project.
Deletion via Politwoops.

Her campaign account did not mention why the tweet that Twitchy called “unintentionally honest” was deleted, and the slip up echoes sentiments from an earlier deletion by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., that simply said “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.”

In other news, the campaign account of Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark., inexplicably deleted a tweet urging the repeal of Obamacare after 11 weeks of being public on his Twitter feed. And finally this week, in what was likely a shared social media consultant, the campaign account of Republican Senate candidate David Perdue in Georgia deleted a tweet promoting the town halls meetings of Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., which later appeared on the Twitter feed of Lucas with the identical message.

Have a great long weekend and if you have a free moment, please send us an email if you notice that Politwoops is missing any Twitter accounts!