Today in #OpenGov 10/24/2014


A newspaper with the headline Open Gov

National News

  • President Obama has made reducing improper payments across the Federal government a priority. That focus is paying off, according to a new OMB memo that includes some new guidance on how to further trim the rate of improper payments. (Fierce Government)
  • A Federal Advisory Committee is building recommendations to streamline the FOIA process. Some members are looking to recently passed open government legislation, like the DATA Act, for inspiration. (Federal Computer Week)
  • The government uses a “jungle of identifiers” to track companies. It’s time to simplify the system and move towards a common, interoperable, open entity ID system. (Data Transparency Coalition)
  • This piece identifies three major areas that Federal managers will have to address before successfully implementing the DATA Act. (Nextgov)
  • Google has increased its PAC spending at a rapid clip since it first dipped its toes into the political waters with $37,000 in donations in 2006. This year the company is on pace to top $1.6 million. (National Journal)


  • Transparency International is out with a report on the French lobbying disclosure regime and it finds a lot to be desired. The report finds an overall lack of transparency in the French political system. (The Local)

State and Local News

  • Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s are the most local form of government in DC and they are notoriously opaque. But, a few elected commissioners and citizens are trying to change that. ( DC)
  • The Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, Robert W. Harrell Jr., pled guilty on six charges of using campaign funds for personal purposes and resigned his office. His sentence was suspended and it appears that he may be prepared to cooperate in a wider corruption investigation. (New York Times)
  • Corporations and advocacy groups are spending generously to influence ballot measures around the country. So far nearly $120 million has been spent on advertising on these measures. (Public Integrity)

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