Today in #OpenGov 10/29/2014


A newspaper with the headline Open Gov National News

  • The FBI is floating a set of reforms intended to expand protections for whistleblowers at the agency. The proposal includes a number of positive reforms, but isn’t perfect. (POGO)
  • Despite turnover in some key technology positions at the White House, the Obama Administration is still committed to moving forward with an open source software policy. Hopefully that momentum will extend to other open data and open government efforts. (Federal Computer Week)
  • Candidates for the Senate raised so much more money than usual last quarter that the FEC is facing (even longer) delays (than usual) as they try to convert the huge paper filings into digital data to post online. (Roll Call)


  • Whistleblowers have a tough time coming forward in Italy, where they often face retribution. A new platform, Anti-Corruption Alert (ALAC) aims to give public and private sector whistleblowers a secure place to share their information. (Tech President)
  • Corruption has not been a major part of the rhetoric, or hard commitments, connected to the Open Government Partnership, but that may be starting to change. (Transparency International)

State and Local News

  • Top aids to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio are reportedly using their personal emails while conducting public business. The revelations sparked anger from good government groups. (NY Daily News)
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota is preparing to enter into a contract with that will make the city’s budget information publicly available on the platform. (Southwest Journal)
  • A medical marijuana ballot question in Florida is coming down to a money war between billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who is against the measure, and a Florida personal injury attorney, who is backing the pro-side. (Washington Post)

Events Today

Later This Week

  • OGIS at Five. Newseum Institute and Fri. 10/31. Newseum, Knight Conference Center, 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.

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