Today in #OpenGov 10/30/2014


A newspaper with the headline Open Gov National News

  • Despite predictions that the 2014 midterm elections will be the most expensive ever, it is nearly impossible to truly tell who or what is doing all that spending and who is benefiting. (NPR)
  • All of this money is making some people ask whether the massive spending is having a direct effect on polarization in our politics and in Congress. (Roll Call)
  • Tech donors are making themselves heard this election year having spent more than $20 million on donations directly to Democrats or Republicans. Chances are those numbers are a lot higher if you include independent expenditures. (National Journal)


  • Montenegro voted in favor of a new lobbying law that establishes limits on lobbying and sanctions for violations. (Montenegro)
  • The Dutch government is undertaking a data inventory that they plan to release in the spring of next year. (Open State EU)

State and Local News

  • The National Priorities Project launched State Smart, its portal to explore state level budget information. (Executive Government)
  • It can be hard to measure the cost and effectiveness of open data programs because there is significant variation across geography and levels of government. (Brookings)
  • ICYMI: A deep dive into expanding, and undisclosed, efforts by special interests to influence state Attorneys General. (New York Times)

Later This Week

  • OGIS at Five. Newseum Institute and Fri. 10/31. Newseum, Knight Conference Center, 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.

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