Today in #OpenGov 11/5/2014


A newspaper with the headline Open Gov National News

  • The Senate flipped to Republican control last night, and Republicans gained a wider margin in the House. Legislative work will pick back up in early December, and Washington lobbyists will no doubt be watching the agenda closely. (Politico)
  • The Department of Justice monitored polls in 28 counties in 18 states yesterday for potential civil rights violations. (Government Executive)
  • Elections didn’t go off without a hitch everywhere. There were a variety of issues reported in Virginia, for instance. (Washington Post)
  • The new federal procurement chief is looking for ways to simplify federal contracting to emphasize performance. (Government Executive)

State and Local News

  • Louisville recently released its first open data audit, showing how the city has done so far with releasing public information online. (CivSources)
  • E-government has changed the way the public can interact with government services online, but is it reaching its full potential? (GovTech)

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