Introducing Sunlight’s new tools page

A screenshot of the new Sunlight Foundation tools page with new filtering options including retired projects.
Tools page.

Here at Sunlight, we love building tools. Tools that empower you to investigate government activity, track influence and keep those in power accountable. We have a great time making this stuff and it’s a central part of our mission. So it may not be a surprise that the page listing our projects is one of the most visited pages on our site. Today we’re unveiling a new design to help you find something that fits your interests, see our featured projects and look back at our previous work.

The first thing we hope you notice when you visit the new tools page is that there are two tabs to choose how you browse our work. The default view is “Featured” projects to showcase what we’re most focused on right now. There’s also a “Filtered” view to narrow the list of projects to those you’re interested in.

A screenshot of the filtering options on the new Sunlight Foundation tools page.
Filtered view.

For example, if you’re only interested in projects focused on policy at the state level, it will direct you to the the Open States project. Each project page is now a shareable permalink with a description, screenshots, an embedded video, API status, bulk download link and a sidebar linking to the Github source code or other relevant material if it’s available. A special thank you to Nick Brethauer, Jeremy Carbaugh and Caitlin Weber who helped build the new tools page. Let us know if you have any questions!