President Obama is not on GitHub


So a few of us in Labs had a fun idea earlier this year: We’d make GitHub accounts for various U.S. government entities and use [Sunlight’s APIs and data services]( to mirror real activity in a git repo. When a new law is introduced, the chamber’s account would open a pull request with a new file containing the contents of the bill. Actions would take place as comments on the bill. When the bill passes, the issue would be closed and merged back into master upon being signed into law.

Sounds cool, right? It’s also a non-trivial amount of work.

As an initial compromise, we made a [PresidentObama]( account that used the [Sunlight IFTTT]( channel to open a new issue when a bill is signed into law. The account has been sitting there since March, quietly opening issues as bills become law.

Then, this past week, President Obama [wrote a line of JavaScript]( We’ve got a hacker president! And like any good developer, he *has* to have a GitHub account, right? People found our account and started following and [tweeting](, thinking it was his real account.

**President Obama does not have a GitHub account**, but we’d still love to build out our initial vision. If you’d like to lend a hand, contact us at [@sunlightlabs]( In the meantime, we’ve changed the name of the account to [PresidentObamaBot](, so as to not mislead people.