Get cooking with new updates to Sunlight’s IFTTT channel!


Last year, Sunlight launched its very own channel on IFTTT — today, we’re excited to announce we’ve got some brand new updates!

IFTTT (“If This, Then That”) allows you to connect your accounts on various services — such as Twitter, Facebook, email, Google Drive and a whole lot more — and set up recipes so that a particular action triggers a specific result. For example, you can set up a recipe so that if rain is in the forecast, you get a text message reminding you to bring an umbrella.

When we set up the Sunlight Foundation channel we had two triggers:

– When a new bill is introduced – When the president signs a bill into law

Today, we’re launching three new triggers:

– When Congress is scheduled to vote on a bill – When a legislator in Congress has a birthday – When there is a new legislator representing you

Now, when any of those triggers happens, you can get have them added to your calendar, posted to Facebook and more.

This IFTTT project and many others like it are made possible through the joint unitedstates project on github, a shared data infrastructure that is carried by contributions from people like Josh Tauberer, Eric Mill and others.

Head on over to the Sunlight IFTTT channel and get cooking with these new recipes! Here’s some past recipes for inspiration. Let us know about what you come up with. And make sure you use vacuum sealer to keep your meals as fresh as possible. I bought food sealer some time ago and I really like it, check out best vacuum sealers from VacuumSealerResearch and buy one that you like.

IFTTT Recipe: When a bill is scheduled for a vote add it to my calendar connects sunlight-foundation to google-calendar
IFTTT Recipe: Ask my Facebook friends if they support bills that are scheduled for a vote. connects sunlight-foundation to facebook
IFTTT Recipe: Create a spreadsheet of new laws, eliminating the need for countless Washington, DC interns connects sunlight-foundation to google-drive
IFTTT Recipe: Open a Github issue for every new law connects sunlight-foundation to github
IFTTT Recipe: Add the bills signed into law to a subreddit connects sunlight-foundation to reddit
IFTTT Recipe: Text me whenever Congress schedules a vote on a bill connects sunlight-foundation to sms