New Right to Rise ad buy brings super PAC’s total spending to $39 million

A screenshot from a political ad produced by Right to Rise USA. (Credit: Right to Rise USA/YouTube)

With yet another multimillion dollar purchase of television ads, Jeb Bush’s super PAC has now made $39 million in independent expenditures — yet he still languishes in the polls.

According to an FEC filing, spotted on our Real-time Influence Explorer tool, Jeb Bush’s super PAC Right to Rise spent yet another $7.3 million on ads on November 23. The super PAC spent on ads in key early voting states: $4.4 million in New Hampshire; $1 million in Iowa; $1.1 million in South Carolina; $345,795 in Ohio; and $118,961 in Nevada. On top of that, the group also doled out $227,685 for national ads on Fox cable channels.

This comes on the heels of another ad buy with Fox News, where Right To Rise spent $6 million dollars on ads exclusively airing on the cable news network.

We’re unsure which ad this purchased, but we noticed one referred to as “Leader” was uploaded to Right to Rise’s YouTube page on the same day, Nov. 23.

All this spending hasn’t bought Bush very much success in the polls, however. In New Hampshire, Bush is currently polling at an average of 7 percent, according to Real Clear Politics, in sixth place behind Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Carson and Kasich. He hasn’t polled above 10 percent since August. In Iowa, he’s at 4.7 percent; Trump is at 26.7 percent.

Still, Right to Rise has a lot of cash to burn through before the primaries start: It has $97 million in cash on hand, and there is no indication that the super PAC will stop making huge ad buys in the hopes of eventually turning Bush’s fortunes around.