Influence Abroad: American lobbying at the European Union


Today we are excited to release an informative case study delving into American lobbying at the European Union. This is the first in a series of case studies to be released in the coming months as part of our Influence Abroad series. The Influence Abroad case studies will look at the various ways that major U.S. political players — both individuals and organizations — influence foreign governments.

In the first case study we found that American organizations are among the major players at the European Union, exerting influence that far outstrips other significant non-European economies and often rivals organizations from European powers like Germany, France and Great Britain. American organizations leverage the full range of tools available to lobbyists at the EU and weigh in on issues ranging from technology to trade and everything in between. They have in-house lobbyists, retain consulting firms, run strategic communications campaigns, meet with powerful players at the European Commission and Parliament and more. Brussels has more lobbyists than anywhere in the world except for Washington, D.C. — it should come as no surprise that American organizations are well represented and well prepared to influence the policies of some of its strongest allies.

You can view the full report below: