A family affair: Jeb and Hillary’s Election 2016 fundraising, mapped


Map Legend: Blue marker: fundraiser benefitting Hillary Clinton. Red marker: fundraiser benefitting Jeb Bush. Only fundraisers at which the candidate appeared in person are represented. View the map in another window here.
Throughout the 2016 campaign, two candidates have lapped the field when it comes to throwing fundraisers — Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. And for two politicians with a complicated history of both distancing and embracing their family name, Clinton and Bush are now calling on kin to help them raise cash in their bid for the White House.

From when the candidates and their families started their fundraising frenzy to the most recent fundraisers available today, Sunlight’s Political Party Time has been mapping the pursuit of campaign cash by Clinton and Bush — and their family network. Click on the markers for more details about the event indicated, such as cost, date and more.

We really wanted to hone in on the events each candidate attended, the fundraisers where the candidates actually broke bread with big donors. That’s why the map above showcases all the fundraisers each candidate has made an appearance at so far during the 2016 election cycle; maps that detail the fundraising activities of Clinton’s and Bush’s families can be seen below.

Clinton supporter In-person fundraisers
Hillary Clinton 201 events
Bill Clinton 47 events
Chelsea Clinton 26 events

Bush supporter In-person fundraisers
Jeb Bush 110 events
Columba Bush 10 events
Jeb Bush Jr. 10 events
George W. Bush 6 events
George P. Bush 5 events
Laura Bush 5 events
George H.W. and Barbara Bush 1 event

Party Time’s database shows Hillary benefitting from 290 total fundraisers within the 2016 cycle so far, and the former secretary of state has appeared at 201 of them (the large blue markers above). Her husband and daughter have combined to appear at 72 distinct events (denoted by the small blue dots in the map below) — Bill at 47, Chelsea at 26.

Jeb Bush was the beneficiary of 156 total fundraisers so far in this election cycle and appeared in person at 110 of them, according to our data (the large red markers). Although Jeb’s spouse isn’t a former president, his brother is, and the rest of his family has strong name recognition as well. Wife Columba (10); sons Jeb Bush, Jr., (10) and George P. Bush (5); brother George W. Bush (6); sister-in-law Laura Bush (6); as well as parents George H.W. and Barbara Bush (1) have all appeared at fundraising events for Jeb over these past few months, sometimes together. Altogether, Jeb’s family has appeared at a total of 29 fundraisers (denoted by the small red dots in the map below).

Top states In-person fundraisers
New York 72 events
California 57 events
Florida 42 events
Texas 27 events
Illinois 19 events
Massachusetts 15 events
Colorado 11 events
Pennsylvania 11 events
Virginia 9 events
Maryland 7 events

Top cities In-person fundraisers
New York City 59 events
Washington, D.C. 27 events
Chicago 16 events
Los Angeles 16 events
Miami 10 events
San Francisco 9 events
Boston 8 events
Houston 8 events
Dallas/Denver/Las Vegas/London, U.K. 5 events

Where were the most frequented fundraising spots? The ATM states New York (72), California (57), Florida (42), and Texas (27) unsurprisingly lead with the most fundraisers. On top of that, the Clintons have strong ties to the Empire State and the Bush family has have strong support in the Sunshine and Lone Star States. The Clintons made international pit stops in London and Munich, while Jeb, Jr., traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

New York City (59) is the most popular fundraising city by a mile. The next most frequented city is Washington, D.C., (27) — more than most states — followed by Chicago (16) and Los Angeles (16).

And remember: We’re updating Party Time constantly with the latest fundraisers we receive, so the numbers will change soon; the maps and data here are a snapshot of what we had available as of today, Feb. 8. You can view a full, up-to-date list of fundraisers throughout the 2016 campaign on Party Time for Clinton here and Bush here.(If you know of one, please send it our way!)

A heat map of fundraisers benefitting Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush for the 2016 cycle.

Clintons cashing in

While the Clintons have enjoyed the largesse of donations from previous donors ($3 billion in 41 years according to The Washington Post), the 42nd president now lends his support full time to Hillary’s presidential bid. Bill has appeared at several high-profile fundraisers with celebrities, such as a birthday party with Tony Bennett and a reception with Drew Barrymore. He’s also a cash generating workhorse, occasionally doing multiple fundraisers in one day — for example, Bill is scheduled to appear at three distinct fundraisers on Feb. 17.

“After staying behind the scenes for much of the year, Bill Clinton has slowly begun taking a larger public role in the campaign,” writes Ken Thomas of the Associated Press. Calling on Bill allows the Hillary Clinton campaign to deploy two of the most popular Democratic leaders across the country to multiply fundraising efforts.

But Bill isn’t the only Clinton stepping to the plate. From SoulCycling in Tribeca to conversations in LA, Chelsea Clinton is one of the most active former first daughters in recent memory, fundraising all over America — and beyond — for her mom.

View where the Clinton family has traveled so far below, or click here to open it in another window.

Map Legend: Small blue marker: fundraiser with Bill or Chelsea Clinton. Click on each marker for more details.

Jeb’s fundraising is a full on family affair

From the onset of his campaign, Jeb pondered shedding some extra baggage: the Bush family name. But while some thought the Bush name would drag him down at the start of his bid, he now relies on his family to financially hoist up his campaign.

“When you love someone or your brother or your dad, it’s not easy for me to throw them under the bus to make myself look better. I just can’t do that,” Jeb told ABC News last June.

Jeb also has friends in high places — higher office to be exact. While some of his family have recently stepped cautiously into the spotlight and others are accustomed to the attention, everyone is helping out Jeb’s effort to raise campaign cash.

Columba Bush teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush twice: once for a reception in Fort Worth, Texas, and another in Palm Beach, Florida. Columba also traveled to New Jersey where she fundraised with New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, who earlier joined Jeb, Jr., in East Hampton, NY, for another event. Jeb’s sons, George P. and Jeb, Jr., carried their weight with multiple appearances, including a tag-team reception in Houston. The busiest Bush reunion came on the weekend of Oct. 25, 2015, where former Presidents George W. and George H. W. Bush as well as former First Lady Barbara Bush attended a fundraising retreat in Houston — where donors gave upwards of six digits.

Also worth noting is that Jeb’s family has brushed shoulders with donors at least once to raise money for the pro-Jeb super PAC Right to Rise USA. (They are not represented on our maps because these events technically aren’t benefitting his campaign.) His sons Jeb, Jr., (6) and George P. Bush (3) lead the way, while the rest have catalogued one appearance each.

View where the Bush family has traveled so far below, or click here to open it in a new window.

Map Legend: Small red marker: fundraiser with either Jeb, Jr., George P. Bush, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Columba Bush or Sandra Bush. Click on each marker for more details.