Sunlight adds more than 100 new datasets to our Hall of Justice database

Screen of Hall of Justice website by Sunlight Foundation

Last month, the White House revealed new commitments to help improve open police data from over a dozen private, government and nonprofit groups. As a nonpartisan proponent of open data at all levels of government, the Sunlight Foundation was excited to be part of this contingent. As such, we committed to incorporate all datasets released through the Police Data Initiative into our inventory of criminal justice datasets, Hall of Justice.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Hall of Justice now includes 125 additional datasets made available to the public through the Police Data Initiative. These datasets are searchable alongside nearly 10,000 other criminal justice datasets from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Just search “White House Police Data Initiative” and you can browse through the data yourself, which include statistics on incidents such as officer-involved shootings, use-of-force reports and more from 26 agencies participating in the initiative.

Users can also learn more about these datasets through the Police Foundation’s Open Data Safety Portal, which is exclusively dedicated to contextualizing datasets released through the initiative.

But is there more, you ask? Why yes, there is!

In addition to including Police Data Initiative datasets, we have also updated Hall of Justice with information from other governmental agencies that reached out to us after our launch. Users can now find datasets from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the inventory, among others. We appreciate feedback and encourage you to contact us with comments, questions or submissions to Hall of Justice. Finally, we’ve corrected several of the links that had broken since we completed our criminal justice research earlier this year.

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