Political Party Time takeover: Sunlight at the 2016 Republican National Convention


Hello readers of the Sunlight blog! We here at Political Party Time are temporarily taking over the Sunlight blog in honor of one of our favorite times of the year: convention season! Why, you ask? Because these massive political carnivals are prime spots for big-money fundraisers with exclusive donors, not-so-secret influence peddling at corporate events, closed-door lobbyist meeting in smoke-filled rooms — and we’re looking to shine a light on all of it.

That’s why we’re having Sunlighters Libby Watson and Josh Stewart crash the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland! (And don’t worry, we’ll be at the Democrats’ bash next week as well.) They’ll be live-tweeting, snapping photos, shooting videos and bringing you the latest news — all with a focus on money in politics, influence and more. We’ll be compiling the most interesting missives from #RNCinCLE in our Storify below! Or for the full experience, check us out on Twitter — @libbycwatson, @JoshDStewart, @SFPartyTime or the hashtag #SFinCLE — or Instagram.

Updates will come often, so stay tuned!