Today in OpenGov: TCamp comes to Cleveland, the money behind Tim Kaine and more



TRANSPARENCYCAMP 2016, HELLO CLEVELAND: Breaking out of the Beltway, this year’s TCamp, Sunlight’s annual unconference, will be in Cleveland on Oct. 14-15. [READ MORE]

Why Cleveland? We wanted to host this TransparencyCamp in a town with strong grassroots organizers and clear problems its community is trying to solve. We looked across the United States, talking to our friends and allies. We looked for a place where people are dedicated to open government and innovation and the possibilities they offer. We wanted to connect with an amazing library system, close to multiple schools and universities.

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  • FOLLOW THE MONEY BEHIND POTENTIAL VP TIM KAINE: Throughout his time in politics, Tim Kaine has certainly seen his share of campaign money — we examined the cash behind his extensive career. [Sunlight]
  • FBI WEARY TO WARN DNC ON RUSSIA THREAT: “Report: FBI was silent on Russian threat in warnings to DNC” [The Hill]


  • WRITING ON WIKILEAKS: Joel Simon writes how journalists can cover hacks without allowing themselves to be manipulated by the hackers. [Columbia Journalism Review]
  • ERROR: UNABLE TO UPGRADE: “The U.S. government is spending more than $81 billion on information technology. But only about 24% is spent overall on new systems, with the rest being used to maintain old systems,” writes Patrick Thibodeau. [ComputerWorld]


  • JEH SAYS IT’S NOT OK: “Jeh Johnson said the Obama administration is considering ways to further protect the system from a cyber attack,” writes John Stanton. [BuzzFeed]
  • GET OFF MY LAWN, ER, BROADBAND: Comcast recently told the FCC it doesn’t have the authority to regulate plans requiring users to pay more in exchange for not having their data used by their provider. [The Hill]

State and local

  • NY REFUSES TO RELEASE RECORDS: Reclaim New York filed a suit against the towns of Islip and Babylon and the Southampton school district to force compliance with transparency laws. [Reclaim New York]
  • BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED TECH: Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.V., and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai get up close and personal with the digital divide in West Virginia. [Register Herald]
  • DIGITAL DOWNTOWN: Many cities want the benefits of new technology, but Kansas City, MO, is taking another step forward and testing the Internet of Things across the city. [Data Smart City Solutions]

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