Today in OpenGov: Police bodycams, PAC coordination, FOIA challenges and more


THE STATE OF POLICE BODYCAMS: We break down which states are passing legislation on police bodycams. [READ MORE] (Photo credit: RCFP)

Having the right to see police-civilian encounters depends on law made by state and local governments. Access to police video depends on public policy decisions determining what can be recorded, what can be shown and what can be legally withheld from the public.

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  • PACs GET PERSONAL: The courts have yet again removed another layer of indpendence between outside groups and the politicians they support, now allowing super PACs to use the names of the candidates they support in their materials and projects, writes Richard Skinner. [Sunlight]
  • FOIA FINDING ITS WAY: "Federal FOIA Advisory Committee grapples with challenges, technology and capacity" [Sunlight]
  • SCHOOL'S IN SESSION: Sunlight announces its Education Data Policy Compendium, outlining how school districts can improve their schools through new data practices. [Sunlight]


  • SHOW ME THE (DARK) MONEY: A new tool from the Center for Public Integrity helps users search for grants between nonprofits. By downloading 850,000 forms from 250,000 nonprofits, researchers, reporters and citiens can shed some light on so-called "dark money" groups. [Center for Public Integrity]


  • $10,000 FOR CIVIC TECH???: “Civic Hall Labs Launches Healthy Public Challenge to award ten winners $10,000 each." [Civic Hall]
  • COMMISSION: COMPANIES CAN CHARGE CONVICTS MORE: The Federal Communications Commission raised the maximum rates companies can charge inmates for phone calls, from 11 to 13 cents per minute. [The Hill]


  • VIRTUAL GETS REAL: "Inside the Online School That Could Radically Change How Kids Learn Everywhere" [Wired]
  • ROBOT REVOLUTION: We know advances in algorithms and technology are transforming our homes; but how far can the workplace evolve before robots take over? [Nextgov]

State and local

  • OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS: "These Are DC’s Top Startup Founders Over 40" []
  • METRO DEALING WITH MORE THAN JUST DELAYS: A D.C. Metro cop was arrested after supposedly joining ISIL. Authorities made this conclusion after finding his electronically shared messages. [CNN]

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