Attention campers: Your opengov ideas are needed for TCamp16!

A sign reading "Submit a Session" at TransparencyCamp.
Have an idea for a great session at TransparencyCamp? We want to hear from you!

What sorts of ideas and issues will be discussed, analyzed and debated at TransparencyCamp this year? You decide!

As an “unconference,” TCamp is truly fueled by the people. In fact, attendees (yes, all of them) set the schedule for the conference — also known as “the Wall” — and are encouraged to step up and lead sessions themselves.

That’s where you come in, future campers: We’ve opened up the 2016 “Submit a Session” page and are now accepting suggestions! This is your chance to propose sessions that you either want to lead or see others take on. Soon, we’ll open up the schedule so folks can vote on ideas they want to see the most: If your session (or one that you’ve voted on) is one of the top vote-getters, it will be guaranteed a slot at TCamp. But hurry: Proposing sessions is only open for a limited time.

Once you think of a session idea, give it a clear name and a concise description that lays out what you want to accomplish. Remember to encourage discussion and to think of creative ways to convey your message. If you need some inspiration forging new ideas, some topics in the past have been:

  • Government data — visualized
  • Civic engagement, local journalism and open data
  • Design research for civic tech
  • Open sourcing government (from the inside out)
  • Storytelling for impact with open data

Although much of the concrete schedule-building is done on-site at TCamp, we like to open up a forum for people to start discussing their ideas and thinking about sessions in advance. You don’t have to submit an idea for a session at TCamp, but we highly encourage it; doing so can be a great way to have your voice be heard and link up with campers interested in similar sessions in advance.

So, what do you say? If you’re up for it, start submitting your sessions today! We can’t wait to see you — and your ideas — at TCamp soon!