What We’re Reading: March 13, 2020


Introducing a new blog series where we share some of the articles we’ve been reading these past two weeks. Please note that some of these articles reference COVID-19, but that as a rapidly evolving situation, they may not present the most up to date statistics or precautions. 

Photo Credit: Burst via Pexels cc

February 28th- March 13th

Data Visualization: Marie Patino outlines how the geographic concentration of new tech jobs is growing with maps developed by the Brookings Institute (CityLab). 

DC Tech Community: How the COVID-19 virus is affecting the DC tech community (Technical.ly)   

Democracy & Coronavirus: We know that COVID-19 will continue to disrupt our daily lives. Kirk Johnson and Campbell Roberston take a look at how it could disrupt our elections (New York Times). 

Smart Cities:  IT leaders say that “innovation” has become a terrible buzz-word (StateScoop).

Transit Ridership: Most major transit agencies around the country have seen declining bus ridership in recent years, but why? (New York Times).

Web Integrity: CDC drops coronavirus testing numbers from their website (The Verge). 

What We’re Listening To: This podcast explains how, in some places, the right to privacy has gotten a little easier over the past year (IRL).

What We’re Watching: The 2020 Census is a complex logistical operation, as explained in this video (Wendover Productions).