OpenGov Grant Guidelines

Before you submit your application for an OpenGov Grant, please review these guidelines.

  • To submit a grant request, please complete our brief online application.
  • There is no set deadline, as grant requests will be considered on a rolling basis by Sunlight’s Proposal Review Committee.
  • Expect a determination within two months after submitting your application. We will consider only one application per individual/organization at a time. Grantees will be notified in writing by email or mail.
  • Grants will not be issued to any officer or employee of a government or government-controlled entity or a public international organization, or any official or agent of any political party or candidate for political office, or any person acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of any of the foregoing.
  • At this time, OpenGov Grants will only be offered to individuals and organizations based in the United States.
  • All grants will be publicly disclosed on our website within 30 days of execution and grantees will be required to publicly acknowledge the Sunlight Foundation’s support on their website or app.
  • Please do not call our office to inquire about your application.

Projects an OpenGov Grant will fund

  • Projects that develop open source software or data
  • Civic innovation tools
  • Apps or websites
  • Tools that enable the media, bloggers, developers and citizens to sift, share and combine data
  • Efforts to collect municipal, state or federal data
  • Projects that extend the capabilities, scope or reach of Sunlight Foundation’s own tools or data

NOTE: In addition to the grant, we may also provide limited mentoring or logistical support where appropriate to some grantees.

Projects an OpenGov Grant will not fund

  • Academic research
  • Development of media content
  • Conference support or convenings

To be considered for funding, submit an OpenGov Grant application.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ or send us your grant inquiry.