As stated in the note from the Sunlight Foundation′s Board Chair, as of September 2020 the Sunlight Foundation is no longer active. This site is maintained as a static archive only.

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National Park Service removes climate action plans from website

The National Park Service (NPS) removed 92 documents describing park climate action plans from their website. The NPS claimed that the removals are temporary while reports are updated to improve usability compliance, but no advance notice, public Web archive, or explanation why the documents could not remain on the site until material is prepared was provided.

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Classifying changes to public access to information on US government websites

Changes to Web content can be especially confusing and opaque to the public when agencies don’t proactively document and explain how and why they change their websites. By clearly laying out how agencies are managing Web resources and changing websites using this classification system, our goal is to inform the public and lawmakers, gain insight into better systems for digital resource management, and provide information that can help keep our government accountable.

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