Sunlight on International

April 14, 2014, 3:51 p.m.

We are helping to expand access to vital governmental information at the international level by sharing knowledge, technical expertise and capacity with other organizations pursuing similar efforts around the world. Our goal is to accelerate and broaden the rising tide of government transparency by expanding consensus on international norms for transparency; enhancing the culture of collaboration and cooperation among independent actors on the global transparency stage; strengthening national-level non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as advocates for local change; and serving as a hub in the network of international transparency practitioners.

  • Sunlight's Position

  • Projects

    • Money, Politics and Transparency

      Money, Politics and Transparency (MPT) is a project dedicated to improving political finance transparency around the globe. Created by Sunlight and other organizations, the MPT forum and network aim to share best (and worst) practices, reform efforts, in-depth research, analysis and case studies. Our ultimate goal is to co-create a set of transparency norms that can be used by stakeholders to improve political finance systems in their own countries, fostering accountability and combating corruption.

    • Opening Parliament

      A forum and community of organizations working to create strong, open and accountable parliaments by bringing parliaments closer to the people they represent. The Declaration on Parliamentary Openness, a product of the growing Opening Parliament community, is a cooperatively written set of principles on parliamentary openness, transparency and accessibility.

    • Global Open Data Initiative

      An initiative to share principles and resources for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by opening government data.

    • Open Data Policy Guidelines

      A living document to present a broad vision of the kinds of challenges that open data policies can actively address.

    • International Lobbying Disclosure Guidelines

      A detailed document based on Sunlight’s work in the U.S. to start a conversation and encourage the international transparency community to reach a consensus on basic principles around lobbying transparency.

    • Procurement Open Data Guidelines

      A set of guidelines to help shape how governments release data on their procurement process.

    • Transparency Case Studies

      Sunlight’s initiative to research the impacts of technology enabled transparency policy around the world through a series of case studies.

    • Sunlight International Google Group

      To receive updates and participate in discussions about Sunlight Foundation’s international program and the activities of our partners working with transparency and technology, please join our google group.