International Policy

Sunlight Foundation is helping to expand access to vital governmental information at the international level by sharing knowledge, technical expertise and capacity with other organizations pursuing similar efforts around the world. Our goal is to engage open government activists, provide them resources and help their professional development to work within their systems to increase government transparency and accountability in their countries. We do so by expanding consensus on international norms for transparency; strengthening national-level non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as advocates for local change; and serving as a hub in the network of international transparency practitioners.


Open government activists are increasingly trying to achieve real changes in laws through shifting their focus from building new tools to using data analysis and the tools of open data to power their offline work and policy advocacy. Through our country-level work, Sunlight is trying to support these efforts through trainings, resources and capacity-building activities to local partners.

  • Argentina

    We are working closely with Argentine civil society groups to help improve the transparency ecosystem and achieve reform through consultations, trainings and advocacy campaigns co-designed with our in-country partners. Learn more.

  • Ukraine

    We are working with open government and anti-corruption organizations in Ukraine, conducting trainings and consultations to help them evaluate organizational impact and take a more human-centered design approach to their projects. Learn more.



Money talks — all over the world. The influence of well-financed special interests on a country’s decision making process can be enormous. However, the importance of political financing and lobbying in the broader global transparency and accountability framework has been overlooked for far too long. Our Money, Politics and Transparency project provides a forum to share best practices, reform efforts, in-depth research, analysis and case studies to a network of global actors, ultimately co-creating a set of transparency norms. Learn more.

Parliamentary information belongs to the public and civil society parliamentary monitoring organizations (PMOs) are increasingly recognized for the important role they play in making parliamentary information more accessible to citizens, strengthening the capacity of citizens to participate in parliamentary processes, and improving parliamentary accountability. Sunlight works to strengthen PMOs in their roles as advocates for local change and increase opportunities for them to share experiences and good practices. The OpeningParliament network is a forum and community of organizations working to create strong, open, and accountable parliaments. Learn more.


Open Data

Governments all around the world hold vast amounts of information. Such data is fast becoming one of the most valuable public goods; but, too often it remains inaccessible or unaffordable for the vast majority of citizens. We approach open data as a means to create accountability, deepen civic life, and empower new forms of activism, analysis, and reporting. Sunlight works to explore and influence how open data and open access to information is addressed by governments. Our position on this issue can be found in our Open Data Policy Guidelines.

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