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It’s Official: 2.0 is Coming


A few weeks ago, we speculated that a new was on the way after hearung murmurs of a new ConOps (concept of operations) being circulated around by government employees. The new Concept of Operations document has been released, and the team is seeking feedback from the public.

I've just started reading the report, but it has some cameo appearances from some of our Apps for America entries as well as some really interesting ideas for how data should be reported on by the different agencies. will definitely be the cornerstone of the new Open Government Directive.

So right now, go download the document and let them know what you think. I for one, think they need to use the National Data Catalog architecture and source.

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Our FEC Testimony


I went in to testify last week on how the FEC can improve their website. Their hearing was actually the first to be streamed live on the Internet. I'm hoping we can get a recording up soon.

It went well. The commissioners were very amenable to feedback and heard what we had to say. I delivered all your comments, and they were receptive to all of them. Primarily in my own testimony I talked to the FEC about how they should spend less time making maps and more time making bulk data available in extensible formats, and that they should hire a New Media Director to carry the ball on this stuff and make sure it happens.

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Help Sunlight Build Our FEC Testimony


Yesterday, the FEC posted a 46 page PDF file to its website asking for comments on the website. We've taken the entire PDF and put it up online for easy perusal. You can email the comments in to, or send them in to the FEC via mail. But to make it really easy, we're launching our FEC Brainstorm today to solicit comments to submit to the FEC. We'll take the best comments that are submitted and include them in our testimony, with attribution of course.

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