Our FEC Testimony


I went in to testify last week on how the FEC can improve their website. Their hearing was actually the first to be streamed live on the Internet. I’m hoping we can get a recording up soon.

It went well. The commissioners were very amenable to feedback and heard what we had to say. I delivered all your comments, and they were receptive to all of them. Primarily in my own testimony I talked to the FEC about how they should spend less time making maps and more time making bulk data available in extensible formats, and that they should hire a New Media Director to carry the ball on this stuff and make sure it happens.

I think this will be the kickoff of a great process of invention for the FEC, and hopefully some of our comments will stick with them. I’ll have the transcript posted as soon as the FEC posts theirs so you can read the whole thing.

Thanks so much for your ideas and feedback. I think we made a difference.