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Political Party Time takeover: Sunlight at the 2016 Democratic National Convention


Sunlight's Melissa Yeager, Libby Watson and Louis Serino crash the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia! Stay tuned to our blog as they'll be live-tweeting, snapping photos, shooting videos and bringing you the latest news — all with a focus on money in politics, influence and more. We'll be compiling the most interesting missives from the DNC.

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Introducing the new and improved Party Time


Just in time for the really big political parties in Tampa and Charlotte, Party Time's gussied up!

Four years after it launched to cover the 2008 presidential elections, Party Time, the only resource that tracks presidential and congressional fundraisers and convention parties for political movers and shakers has gotten a makeover. New features, including a calendar tracking the frequency of events and a new section dedicated to the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention, make Party Time even more user friendly.

The new look is part of Sunlight's convention coverage, which will include on-the-ground reports, photos posted ...

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Are the parties over?


Republican presidential nominee John McCain has apparently cancelled all but the most essential official convention activities due Hurricane Gustav's menacing approach toward the Gulf Coast. That means Monday will have none of the normal convention hullabaloo -- the customary succession of speeches (President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had already cancelled their appearances) will be foregone.

That leaves me with two questions: 1) Will the unofficial parties -- those events sponsored by private interests that occur outside the arena -- still go on as planned? And 2) will curtailing a lot of the rhetoric, including the endless parade of ...

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