Sunlight talks influence and access at conventions on ‘Good Morning America’ and the ‘Today’ show


Sunlight has been very busy these past two weeks tracking political and fundraising parties at the Republican convention in Cleveland and the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. “Good Morning America” and the “Today” show both took notice and talked with Sunlighters about why the public deserves transparency around the parties, where influential lawmakers and party officials attend, as well those who try and influence them.

Josh Stewart, Sunlight’s deputy communications director, sat down with Brian Ross of ABC News to discuss big Democratic donors and why the public deserves to know more about the process behind big money political fundraising and networking that goes on at these conventions. Ross and the ABC News investigative team took a hard look at the Democratic fundraising machine.

Our Senior Writer, Melissa Yeager, talked to Ronan Farrow of NBC News in Philadelphia, who crashed a few parties of his own. Talking with chiefs of staff of several members of Congress as well as spotting a few lawmakers themselves. Why do corporate and special interests throw these parties? “To get their phone calls returned,” says Yeager. And to Farrow asked whether or not these events are legal, Yeager responds that while this is perfectly legal, “the American people have voiced concern over this type of activity.”