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It’s not just Republican House incumbents who face primary opposition


If the media coverage of shutdown politics is to be believed, House Republicans' fear of 'getting primaried' bya more conservative opponent was the major impediment to moderate GOP-ers reaching a bargain with Democrats on healthcare and federal spending. However, a survey of competitive House primaries -- compiled using Sunlight's Realtime FEC tracker -- shows that incumbent Democrats are also subject to serious challenges from partisan opponents.

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Outside spending group defends Republican outsiders


In the final weeks leading up to Election Day, an outside spending group with ties to two infamous negative campaigns against Democrats has launched efforts to rescue two Republican Party outcasts.

Freedom's Defense Fund is an independent political action committee advocating for limited government with a consultant connected to both the discredited "birther" rumor questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship and the 2004 Swift Boat campaign questioning the Vietnam combat credentials of that year's Democratic presidential candidate, Massachusetts' Sen. John Kerry. Recently, the group poured $312,589 into two states:

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