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Political heavy hitters lining up behind gay marriage


Updated: 1:20 p.m.

As the Supreme Court weighs the issue of equal marriage rights, the political momentum -- and money --  appears to be lining up behind gay rights, an analysis of campaign finance reports for some key organizations involved in the debate indicate.

Gay rights activist rallies outside high court Wednesday

That balance was on display in front of the Supreme Court Wednesday as the justices considered a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. At least several hundred sign-wielding gay rights activists filled the sidewalk before the steps of the Supreme Court and only a handful of gay ...

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First lady courts LGBT donors over lunch


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After a rousing convention speech Tuesday night that, among other things, commended LGBT Americans for their courage to marry, Michelle Obama spent about an hour Wednesday at a downtown Charlotte Marriott courting well-heeled gay donors.

According to one political consultant and LGBT activist there, she knocked it out of the park. “It was like a conversation in a living room almost,” said Palm Springs, Calif. LGBT activist and political consultant Greg Rodriguez.

That may be important, as a recent analysis showed that one in six bundlers for President Obama are gay. Another report identified 33 gay bundlers ...

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