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Immigration: Give me your poor, your tired . . . your lobbyists?


Image of the statue of libertyLong before the last election put new political momentum behind the stalled efforts to enact a comprehensive update of the nation's immigration laws, Washington's influence industry was teed up to make it a titanic battle, an analysis of lobbying disclosures by the Sunlight Foundation shows.

Amidst widespread reports that bipartisan groups of lawmakers in the House and Senate are hoping to unveil immigration proposals after Congress's upcoming spring recess, research shows there is an army of lobbyists ready for action. More than 3,000 people were listed as lobbyists in forms which cited immigration as an issue ...

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Conservative stars gather for apres-debate confab in Denver


This post has been updated.

DENVER -- On the morning after the first presidential debate, a host of political stars from the conservative firmament -- perhaps including GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney himself -- will be here for a gathering of Colorado members of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Update October 4, 11:58 a.m.: Romney made a surprise appearance at CPAC, emphasizing a Republican victory in in Colorado, one of the eight states that the non-partisan Cook Political Report considers as tossup in this year's presidential race. 

CPAC Colorado, whose slogan is "Mobilizing the Mountain West," is a project of ...

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Special interests honor Congress, executive branch with nearly $19 million in 2011


Spurred by reports that Smartphone software made by Google and Apple could violate users' privacy, a Senate Judiciary subcommittee called executives from the companies to testify in May 2011. For the most part, the senators were uncharacteristically deferential to the hi-tech titans appearing before their panel. In his brief opening statement, ranking member Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said, “We need a whole lot more information and knowledge in terms of those of us on the legislative side before we come to conclusions about what needs to be done.”

One day later, Coburn was recognized at a Consumer Electronics Association event for ...

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Utah sees $1.6 million in outside spending, including a corporation


Spending by outside interest groups helped force Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, into a primary, but the veteran lawmaker, comfortably ahead in Tuesday's race according to an election eve poll, is benefiting from some home state corporate love.

O. C. Tanner Co., a Utah company that specializes in employee appreciation and awards programs and that has donated Olympic rings for U.S. athletes since the Salt Lake games in 2000, has shown its appreciation for Hatch with a $5,700 in print advertisements supporting him. It's the sort of direct corporate support for a candidate that only became possible ...

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