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Ad spotlight: GOP family feud


The rift in the Republican party is turning into an air war.

Usually, video attacks are reserved for election opponents or members of the opposite party but as members of Congress returned home for their August recess, members of the GOP appear to be gleefully violating the late President Ronald Reagan's "11th commandment" -- the one that said you shoul never speak ill of a fellow Republican. What we've spotted so far:

Freedomworks is going after John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican leader in the Senate leadership. The Tea Party-affiliated think tank is accusing the Texas Republican of betraying ...

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Ryan attracts hundreds of D.C.-area donors at hotel fundraiser


With Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaign’s finances in some trouble, a fundraiser at an upscale Washington hotel Thursday featuring his runningmate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., attracted about 200 donors, according to an estimate from one who paid $1,000 to attend.

That was the lowest price of admission for the event, at the stately Mayflower Renaissance. For $2,500, guests got a photo with Ryan and for $10,000, they participated in industry roundtable meetings. After the photo op, attendees swung over to another room where they could have a beer or a glass or wine. Ryan was ...

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Twoops! Romney-Ryan ticket has some lawmakers violating congressional Twitter rules


Deleted tweets by Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C.When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate over the weekend, it set off a flurry of activity on some official congressional Twitter accounts.

Many posts were in support of the seven-term Wisconsin Republican's promotion to his party's national ticket. 

"Congratulations to my colleague @RepPaulRyan. He is a serious pick," tweeted Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio.

"It's not every day that the House's best & brightest. @RepPaulRyan is drafted to help lead America's comeback," posted Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C.  

And some were in opposition.

“@MittRomney sent a clear msg to ...

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Influence profile: Paul Ryan


Rep. Paul RyanRep. Paul Ryan, whom Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reportedly will name as his running mate Saturday, is a prolific fundraiser whose most ardent backers are a curious mix of the conservative elite and the blue collar plebian.  

Since winning election to the House in 1998, the Wisconsin Republican has attracted more than $11 million in donations, Sunlight's Influence Explorer shows. Among Ryan's most generous backers: the beer wholesalers, Koch industries -- headed by conservative bankrollers David and Charles Koch -- and the Carpenter and Joiners union. Over the years, Ryan also has received steady support from the Laborers union ...

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