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Tag Archive: Real Time Congress

House Revamps Floor Feed


Yesterday, the House of Representatives massively improved its feed of live updates from the House floor. The House Clerk has been hosting a live floor feed for a long time, but this update breaks out related bills and votes more cleanly, adds times down to the second for each update, and drastically cleans up the HTML of the page.

But most wonderfully, the cleaner HTML doesn't really matter, because they also turned on a live XML feed.

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The Real Time Congress API


Today we're making available the Real Time Congress API, a service we've been working on for several months, and will be continuing to expand.

The Real Time Congress API (RTC) is a RESTful API over the artifacts of Congress, kept up to date in as close to real time as possible. It consists of several live feeds of data, available in JSON or XML. These feeds are filterable and sortable and sliceable in all sorts of different ways, and you can read the docs to see how.

RTC replaces and deprecates the Drumbone API, which is no longer recommended for use.

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