Our Recent Reporting on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Sunlight’s “Conflicts of Interest” blog keeps you current on developments in the Trump emoluments cases, instances of potential Trump Family conflicts noted in the news, and great reporting on the topic by journalists around the world — including original Sunlight investigations.

Congress should ensure the investigation of the Special Counsel is protected (4/17/2018) by Sunlight Foundation - Today, the Sunlight Foundation endorsed the Special Counsel Transparency Act to preserve evidence and recommendations that result from Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s investigation, should President Donald J. Trump fire him.
This Week in Conflicts: Panamanian problems, What isn’t staying in Vegas, a Ukrainian connection, and Bolton’s SuperPAC (4/13/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, lawyers for the Trump Organization asked the Panamanian president to intervene and help the company as they battle over the former Trump-branded hotel in the country, Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel has limits on hiring family, and questions surround the new national security adviser’s political donation organizations.
This Week in Conflicts: Ethics violations, a culture of cabinet corruption, and an opaque legal defense fund (4/9/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, top U.S. government officials are still in public service despite ethics problems, a public interest watchdog filed new complaints about former lobbyists now working in agencies, and a controversial legal defense fund faces continued questions.
This Week in Conflicts: Trump’s Fingerprint in India, Possible Investigation for Kushner and the Emoluments Lawsuit Moves Forward (3/30/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, new details about Donald Trump Jr.’s visits to India are coming to light that help paint a better picture of the Trump Organization’s fingerprint in the country, reports show Jared Kushner may be under investigation for loans his company received, and the latest with the emoluments lawsuit against President Donald Trump.
This Week in Conflicts: President Trump named in emolument lawsuit, inaugural spending, and Kushner deals (3/23/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, questions remain about how $107 million raised by President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee was spent, the President has been personally named in an emolument lawsuit and a sale by the Kushner Companies is raising conflict of interest concerns.
Trump in Reno, NV This Week in Conflicts: Ivanka profits, ethics waivers for lobbyists, and an emolumental lawsuit (3/18/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, we learned Ivanka Trump that is indeed still earning money from the family business while she serves in the White House, lobbyists are continuing to receive ethics waivers while they work in the federal agencies they once lobbied, and an emoluments lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump will move forward.
This Week in Conflicts: Standoff in Panama, questions in Vancouver, and moonlighting in the EPA (3/10/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, the standoff in Panama involving the Trump Organization and the hotel owner has ended, but ethics experts are worried the problems could be just beginning, questions surrounding Kushner Companies loans emerge and the FBI is looking into the Trump hotel deal in Vancouver.
This Week in Conflicts: Major Labor Ruling Overturned, an “Unofficial” Visit to India and a Gala at Mar-a-Lago (2/28/2018) by Lynn Walsh - The National Labor Relations Board overturns a previous ruling due to a President Donald Trump appointee's conflict of interest, Donald Trump Jr.’s “unofficial” visit to India is raising eyebrows around the world, and a charity moves its gala location to show support for President Trump.
This Week in Conflicts: Trump’s Tenants, An Emolumental Deal in the DR, and a new OGE nominee (2/18/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, a look at which businesses pay rent to the President, despite, in some cases being federal contractors, Trump revives a project in the Dominican Republic, the railroad safety chief resigns amid allegations of moonlighting and the President selects a new ethics chief. 
This Week in Conflicts: “Trump Inc.” and Profiting from the presidency (2/7/2018) by Lynn Walsh - This week, we tune into ProPublica and WNYC's new podcast, take note of a conflict at the NLRB, highlight federal funds going to the Trump International Hotel in DC, and look at how Kushner's properties in NYC are doing.