Goss Fall-Out Slowly Trickling In:


So, the unexpected Porter Goss resignation is making it’s way across the news and blogs. Former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr became the first TV pundit to connect Goss to the Cunningham scandal, according to TPM Muckraker. Laura Rozen at War and Piece writes, “CIA public affairs just told me they will be releasing a statement this afternoon.”

She also writes in another post: “We heard about photos. But I seriously wonder, if someone showed the Agency the evidence that they had the photos of Goss being at parties his spokesperson denied he ever attended. Maybe the reporting wasn’t so “wildly irresponsible” after all, hm? And the thing is, there are apparently a couple other currently serving congressmen in one of the photos described to me. Not doing anything salacious mind you. Just there. The point is, Goss’s spokesperson went on the record on Goss’s behalf last week to say he was never at any of those parties.”

Meanwhile Think Progress informs us that Goss’ resignation comes as a total shock to the administration. They quote CNN’s senior Pentagon correspondent, Jamie McIntyre:

The Defense Department has representatives there and, according to sources, none of the people at that meeting had any advance word that Porter Goss was going to be tendering his resignation.

So it indicates the sudden nature that this took place, and again it just fuels the speculation of what the real backstory is here.

Although we don’t know enough yet, all signs point to Goss’ involvement (whether with prostitutes or not) in the Cunningham-Wilkes Watergate parties/corruption. And you thought today was going to be all about “sleeping-while-driving” Rep. Patrick Kennedy.