Goss Hill Staffer Took Money From Wilkes:


From Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker:

We’ve been hearing a lot about this guy “Nine Fingers,” a CIA veteran who was a regular at Brent Wilkes’ poker parties. On Sunday, Newsweek identified him as Brant Bassett, who had a career at the CIA before he went to work as a staffer for then-chairman Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL) at the House Intelligence Committee in 2000.

Well, now here’s another weird thing about Bassett: Just before he went to work for Goss at the committee, Brent Wilkes cut him a check for $5000. It’s right there on his financial disclosure forms. In fact, his forms actually show two payments — but it seems he may have reported the same check twice.

Harpers.org also has more on “Nine Fingers” and Foggo.