The Internet and the 2008 Election


Yesterday, the Pew Internet and American Life Project released another of their very informative reports, this one titled Internet and the 2008 Election.  The report found a dramatic increase in the number of Americans who used the Internet, email or cell phone text messaging to follow and engage the 2008 presidential campaign.

So far in this year’s campaign, 46 percent of Americans have used information technology to get more information or get involved in something political, up from 33 percent at this point in the 2004 race.  Pew also found that 35 percent of Americans had watched political videos online during this campaign, which marks a tripling of the number who did so in the 2004 cycle. Of those Internet users under the age of 30, one out of two are using social networking sites to get or share information on the campaign. And in another sign that citizens are getting increasingly comfortable online, 6 percent of Americans made campaign contributions online, a 300 percent increase of the number who did so four years ago.

It only makes sense that as the general public gets more comfortable online that they would also engage this most interesting campaign in cyberspace.  I would expect this is only the beginning…A beginning that holds great promise.