Office of Congressional Ethics Member Has Past Ethics Questioned


Porter Goss, former congressman and former CIA director, is currently to top Republican at the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent body meant to sort through ethics complaints against members of the House of Representatives. According to documents released before the sentencing of K. “Dusty” Foggo, the former number three at CIA under Goss, Goss knew about Foggo’s unethical past and lied about his having this information. Laura Rozen picked this gem out of the haystack:

Source said that Goss lied in his testimony, that he was not aware about the problems with Foggo when he hired him for executive director. He said that a major fight had broken out between Goss staffer Patrick Murray and then associate deputy director of operations Michael Sulick about the Foggo hiring. “Murray told ADDO/Counterintelligence Mary Margaret that if Dusty’s background got out to the press, they would know who to come looking for. Mary Margaret tried to warn them that Dusty Foggo had a problematic counterintelligence file. Sulick defended Mary Margaret. Goss told deputy director of operations Steve] Kappes he had to fire Sulick.” After that, Kappes and Sulick quit. “Goss bears major responsibility here,” source says. It was finally the “White House tht demanded that Goss fire Dusty and he refused.” So they both got fired.

Not exactly the type of person you want in charge of Congressional Ethics.