Lunchtime Link Round-Up


The Federal Reserve is hiring a former Enron lobbyist in an effort to fix its image. I would say that whoever came with this brilliant idea will wind up in those “jobs lost” statistics next month, but these kind of things do tend to work in the confines of Washington. For the rest of America, this doesn’t look so great.

Guess what? Banks are still lobbying and are getting exactly what they want. It’s like nothing happened at all. “Bailout? What bailout?”

Some things change, some things stay the same. Ambassadorships are still going to big campaign donors.

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at congressional web sites you know the unspeakable horror of poor design. Politico gathered together some designers and had them critique the worst of the worst. Favorite line: “There‚Äôs enough fonts for a ransom note.”

Sen. Max Baucus is spending time meeting with health care and business lobbyists to discuss the forthcoming health care bill. Considering the number of former Baucus staffers who have gone to work as health care and business lobbyists this must have been something of a staff reunion.