Daily Disclosures


A roundup of what we’re noticing in the Reporting Group as we dig into government data and disclosures:

Another fat Tuesday: American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS reported spending a combined $3,749,741 on several senate races yesterday — the highest day of spending by the two groups so far (Oct. 5 is a close second, with $3,698,949). Together, the groups have spent about $17.5 million this cycle. Both are advised by Karl Rove; Crossroads GPS doesn’t disclose its donors. American Crossroads does.

Entering the fray: Majority Action PAC, which filed with the Federal Election Committee as a Super PAC on Aug. 17, 2010, made its first independent expenditure, paying for “mail production & postage” aimed at defeating third party candidate Joe Aden, who points out on his website that the FEC “allows us to spend and/or collect $5,000 before filing forms.” Majority Action PAC is also opposing Scott Tipton, the Republican candidate in Colorado’s third congressional district. The organization lists Judith Zamore as treasurer and custodian of records; Zamore’s linkedin profile is here.

Neck and neck: After reporting media buys in a half dozen races (MD-1, NY-20, IL-10, IA-3, HI-1, FL-25 and IA-2), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ($21,753,309) is less than $1 million behind the National Republican Congressional Committee ($22,362,981) in independent expenditures.

Be sure to check out our Follow the Unlimited Money tool–updated hourly!–to get all the latest info on outside groups.

School lobby: University of Southern California hires lobbying firm American Defense International; USC is interested in money appropriated for installation protection and research into post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

Romney restoration? Yesterday, we noted the formation of a 527 calling itself DraftPalin4President. What caught our eye about the filing was that the group, headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., was paying fees to the Washington office of law and lobbying firm Akin Gump. Today we came across a new Super PAC filing for a group called Restore Our Future PAC. The filing lists Chris R. Spies as its treasurer and its address as that of the Washington, D.C. office of law firm Clark Hill. Spies’ bio notes that he served as “Chief Financial Officer and Counsel for Governor Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.” He managed the $105 million that Romney raised, including FEC compliance. Spies also worked for the Republican Governors Association, a 527 organization. To date, Restore Our Future has yet to make any independent expenditures.